Help Us Provide a Fun and Safe Experience for You!

You can help keep OmniKraft running and providing a fun and safe place for all of our members by donating, purchasing a rank or one of our kits.  All the money we receive for you goes directly to supporting the website, servers and other services we provide you and to the community as a whole.  

Anyone who has supported us is recognized on our website with a badge as well as on our Wall of Thanks.  We want to show appreciation for those who help keep us running!

Monthly Payment Goal

Once we hit our monthly goal, we'll hold a Dig Arena event on SMP!  Our Dig Arena is like a treasure hunt.  Any goodies you find, you keep!  For details, click here.  Our monthly goal is determined by our operating costs.  This is the minimum amount we need to continue hosting all of OmniKraft's services.

The Power of 3 Promotion!

Starting in January of 2017, we will start a monthly drawing of everyone who makes a purchase or donates through the shop.  Provided we hit $300 in that month, we will give away $30 to member of the community!  This $30 can be fore anything, a gift card to Amazon, a game on Steam or maybe a new headset!  Whatever it is, we will give you $30!  Please keep in mind that someone can only win once in a 12 month period, this is so we can provide ample chances for everyone to win!

We Have Stretch Goals!

As the community grows, we want to make sure that we are providing as much as we can for your enjoyment!  To help facilite that, we are now offering Stretch Goals!  These are projects to add new features for the community, but because they will take time to develop, we need support!  By supporting a project, this will allow Kryptix to take some time off from work to dedicate time to complete these projects.  More info can be found here.

About Supporting the Community

Support from members of the community like you means we can keep offering the services and features you have come to expect from us.  Any amount you are able to provide helps keep everything running, and we don't want to treat anyone any different regardless of how much they do send.  Everyone here is part of a family, we just enjoy offering what we can for everyone to enjoy.

Thank You!

OmniKraft has always been and always will be a community built around and supported by it's members.  We realize that is our strength and we rely on that heavily to keep the community itself going.  Without support from the community, OmniKraft wouldn't exist.  Thank you for doing your part to keep us running.

Images for shop items are from PureBDcraft Resource Pack, developed by Sphax.  You can find the resource pack here.

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Payment Goal

871 / 175 USD (498%)

Donation Breakdown

These are the re-occuring payments your money goes to pay for.

  • $130 - Server Hosting
  • $30 - Website Hosting
  • $10 - Buycraft Shop System
  • $5 - Email Hosting

Recent Donations
GlitchedJazz • Thu 23:12
1 Key for Me • 1.00 USD
GlitchedJazz • Thu 23:06
1 Key for Me • 1.00 USD
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Sponsor • 5.00 USD
DrawingSpartan • Thu 20:23
• 10.00 USD
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10 Keys for Me • 9.00 USD
StaticCling • Mon 17:35
Donate • 10.00 USD
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• 10.00 USD
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20 Keys for Me • 17.00 USD