Big Changes are Coming to the Community!

Effective June 16, 2017, OmniKraft will be changing management and name to VentureKraft!  For more information on what this means, please check out our Big Announcement.  With this transition, the shop will be open until we change to help fund our next adventure!

Transition Sale and Shop Changes

Starting from the day of the announcement until we transition, keys and pets will be on sale for 50% off.  Also, the Sponsor rank has been changed from a subscription cost to a one-time cost.  We recommend that anyone who is a Sponsor before this was changed, please remember to go to PayPal to cancel the pre-authorized payment!  All who have the Donor rank will be upgrade to a VIP rank for free.

Finances for Transition

We'll be keeping the shop open through this transition to continue to pay for services for OmniKraft, as well as to raise funds for VentureKraft.  50% of funds raised during this time will be sent to VentureKraft to help the team get started.  Any funds raised past the donation goal will be 100% shared to VentureKraft.

Financial Breakdown

With the money you kindly provide us to keep our services running, it's only fair that you know how that money is used.  Below is a breakdown of where the money goes for our donation goal, which is the minimum we need to keep services running every month.

$135 - Server Hosting  |  $100 - Income Taxes  |  $30 - Website Hosting  |  $10 - Buycraft Shop System  |  $5 - Email Hosting

A New Adventure!

All of us at OmniKraft wish to thank you for helping us run for four years, and we look forward to what the next adventure brings all of us!

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Payment Goal

113 / 280 USD (40%)

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